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Working from home productivity tips

Posted on Dec 7, 2018 by admin

Flexible working arrangements pose challenges to productivity due to the mix of personal and professional in your work environment.

Follow these productivity hacks to make sure you reap all the benefits of working from home, without the quality of your work suffering.

Create a separate space
It might sound simple, but a designated workspace in your home can make all the difference in eliminating distractions. At the very least, set up a corner equipped with a desk and office supplies, so when you sit down you have a focused mindset.

Follow a schedule
Part of the appeal in working from home is the benefit of fitting in your work around your other commitments. However, this flexibility can be part of the problem, especially if you are working irregular hours. Allocate your time for work and breaks, so your day is structured, and your attention is focused when you are working.

Make meetings a priority
Just because you are not a couple of steps away from your colleague’s office does not mean your workplace communication should suffer. Simulate a face-to-face chat through video calling for the fastest way to check in with your office, find solutions to problems and reduce the likelihood of miscommunication. Schedule regular meetings with your colleagues so you remain connected to your office even though you are not there.

We have been with BDS Hughes Accountants nearly 5 years. Without their knowledge and forthright suggestions we would not been able to experience our high level of success. We are comfortable with the working relationship and ease with which they are able to communicate with us. As we as the normal accountancy service, Garry advised us on Xero accounting and taught us to uses the program in plain simple English. We can say only that we have had nothing but exceptional service and the advise we have received has been correct and perfect for our business, which is why i would not hesitate to recommend their services.
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