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Tips to improve productivity at work

Posted on Mar 23, 2017 by editor

A commonly cited issue among many workers is feeling unproductive during the workday.

Between lengthy meetings and frequent disruptions, it can be easy fall behind with work from time-to-time. However, workers have more control over their productivity than they may believe. Productive workers manage their time at work efficiently, prioritise important tasks and are well-disciplined.

Here are five ways to increase your productivity:

Prioritising tasks on your to-do list helps to meet deadlines and reduce unnecessary stress. Instead of procrastinating or performing low-priority tasks, get started on the important tasks first thing in the morning. If a task appears daunting, create an action plan to break up the task into small, achievable steps.

Emails are one of the biggest culprits of unproductivity. It is difficult to remain concentrated if you are constantly distracted by email notifications. Set aside specific times during your workday to check and respond to emails, and stick to your set time-frames.

Ironically, taking a break to disconnect from work can improve productivity immensely. Sitting for long periods can reduce energy levels and seriously impact your work performance. Remember to take short, regular breaks throughout your work day to combat fatigue and maximise efficiency.

The average worker has to balance impending deadlines with a multitude of workplace distractions. It can be easy to fall into the trap of multi-tasking, however, trying to do everything at once just creates a chaotic environment. Instead, focus on completing one task at a time – give it your full attention, then move on.

Making your workspace personal can go a long way into improving productivity. Adding a few personal touches, such as plants, photos or awards, can improve your mood and motivation. An organised workspace is also shown to improve mental clutter which is detrimental to productivity.

I would like to confirm that Garry Hughes has been my accountant for some years now and I can honestly say that I would not consider changing accountants under any circumstances. I am a USA Citizen having retired to New Zealand, therefore I require both a USA tax return completed every year as required by Congressional law and a New Zealand tax return completed every year as required by New Zealand tax law. Obviously this becomes quite a professional understanding by Garry as to what must be reported by each country and the dead lines for reporting and paying. Garry Hughes always performs a totally professional task and I have to say that I have not run into any problems with the work Garry does. I would not consider another accountant.
W. Bruce Johnson

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