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Encouraging a culture of growth

Posted on Mar 29, 2017 by editor

Business culture is a key component to a healthy workforce. Successful businesses engage and motivate staff to achieve their own career development goals alongside the overall business outcomes.

For businesses to continually excel; business owners must capitalise on opportunities and adopt a growth mindset. One of the best ways to adopt a culture of growth is by engaging with current and new staff members.

Here are three ways to encourage a culture of growth within your business:

Emphasis values
Tying your business’ core values to areas of growth helps to reinforce your overall mission. Emphasising your core values to employees helps to communicate expectations and encourage feedback. Once staff understand growth is a priority, they can work towards achieving growth in their roles and for the overall business.

Involve your team
Engaging with your current employees is the best way to foster a culture of growth. Setting new growth-related goals and involving employees in meetings will help staff to gain a clear vision and drive commitment.

Empower staff
A growth-oriented culture needs supporting strategies in order to succeed. Leaders need to establish and implement strategies for both business and employee growth, and lead by example. Management play a large role in facilitating employee learning and development, and coaching team members through new strategies.

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